Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

I know I'm going off the beaten path with this one.  My view is FROM the sky and it was on a Friday, just not today.  The host is Sue from Stay at Home Mom.  I invite you to visit her blog to see others and maybe you'll get inspired and show off your view of the sky or from the sky :-)

This picture was taken from an airplane as we were approaching the Dominican Republic.  This is my native land and I do miss my parents.  I don't remember experiencing the beauty of this island as a tourist would until this trip, well, part of this trip.  I look forward to visiting my parents real soon and maybe I'll come back with more great aerial views.  Look at the colors in the water, the darker the deeper.  I love the green accented with a ribbon of sand.  I want to be there !!  Enjoy the view!