Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need your help redecorating

Since I have a military move to prepare for this summer I have decided it's fine time I start fixing what's broken, patching and painting the tiny holes on the walls and most dreadful, decluttering closets---I'm working on that, one closet at a time.  

My issue really is with staging.  It seems staging is very important when trying to sell a house, I personally find it to be so darn fake, but it's not for me to say so I will comply.  (Don't get me wrong, I do believe clean, organized, freshly vacuumed but some of these sites even go as far as suggesting I rent furniture to get a certain look--NOT!

I have two rooms I need help with and  hope you, my blog friends, will give me some tips--please!!

Our house has a "formal" living room and dining room area which we never used as such because we don't do much of anything that can be considered "formal".  The two rooms are sort of connected by a wide doorway; one side leads to the entryway and the other leads into the kitchen.

In one room we have a Piano, a book shelf, a roll top desk with chair a green plant by the window and a small round table where the kids sit to do homework.

The other side of the room has a long futon, a small bookshelf lined with kids books, baskets with small toys, and board games, and the rest of the room is basically lined with a doll house, a toy bin, and other toys that just sit on the floor - this is our play room.

My dilemma is staging this area so that it's attractive to everyone.  After all, a house this big might attract a family as big as mine and the play room/homework room might be attractive to them too.  I don't want to buy anything to stage it so I have to work with what I have, unless it's something I can take with me like large baskets or some type of storage system.

Should I pack up the toys and leave out only a few maybe in a nice wicker basket?

Should I make the "formal" dining room look the part?  (I have table and hutch to accomplish this task)

Should I pack up most of the books to clear up space? Maybe it wont look cluttered...hmmmm

For the rest of the house I think I can manage with what we have or I'll be back pleading for help again.  I am using the FlyLady's advice in decluttering - the put away, throw away, give away rule.  I have been using her system on and off for a while and it does help when I follow the basic routines- I don't delve into it as much because it's overwhelming but the before bed and morning routines sure make my days a lot smoother. 

Anyway, before I loose my train of thought here, my goal is to get these two rooms staged enough to show my house.  I invite you to help me throughout his process.  Thank You in advance!!

This is the first room, the other one is where I'm sitting and that's where the toys are.  The toys you see here are there because they're going to be sold or given..something...Anyone want a Dora Kitchen with all the tools and a Dora house with all the little toys?


  1. We've sold quit a few houses. My best advice is try and make the house clutter free and clean. When we were trying to sell our current home the Realtor suggested putting all personal items out of site. (pictures, etc) and try and make the home look as much like a model home you would find in a newly built subdivision. Hope this advice helps and much luck on selling your home.

  2. My first instinct is to advise making your dining room a true and formal dining room ... I'm going to ponder on the rest ...

  3. Good question. According the pros on FLN and HDTV, yes, you want to make sure each room plays their respective part. Declutter and stuff all the toys, etc. in a corner of the garage. Good luck!

  4. From what my realtor friends have suggested, you MUST make the house as buyer friendly as possible. Declutter, put all toys, personal effects and pictures away and make each room "stand as it should". Meaning make it clear "what" the room is for. I say "dress" the dining room and make it inviting so a buyer can picture themselves sitting there. A great place to get inspiration would be the "new home builder" sites, such as Centex. They have pictures of their model homes and how they are staged. I bet you could get some great ideas from there.

  5. @ Everyone: after writing this message and lurking around the web I realized that this is something I must do. I appreciate all your input. As a result I am selling a bunch of toys on craig's list in my town, I have found ways to hide everyday toys so the kids can still play but it will be easy for me to put them away during open house; I cleaned out my teens' rooms, I even found their closet floor again - amazing. The dining room is very close to being what it's meant to be and as a result I gain room in the kitchen because I'm moving the hutch back in there. Things are looking up but I am sore from all the work I did yesterday.

    Thanks again everyone.

  6. I was thinking, since my chairs don't match in the formal dining room I am going to purchase those chair covers that are really pretty, put a nice bowl of something on the table. I was worried about my Piano room looking so empty but I think if I put a reading chair in there with a small side or better yet an ottoman with a hidden cubby so I can hide books or other things might look nice.

  7. Good luck on your move. I think you are on the right track. The chair covers are a nice touch. Like everyone else said, make sure prospective buyers know what the room is when they walk in. I'm going to try that flylady website. I've heard about it before.