Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday: Child's Play

I am really beginning to look forward to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan.  The Southern Daydreamer reminded me of the best of Spring with her array of pretty blooms. 
Like Susan, I have a hard time believing we went through three weather systems in a matter of days around here.  Incredible but true.  See the trucks are still back there - no snow this time, LOL.

This is my little peanut.  She was raking up the last of the gumballs from a nearby tree.  I hate those things but the trees are not mine to cut down so I must live with it just a little longer.  My entire yard was filled with these prickly balls.

Here we have baby bear with his trucks, back in the dirt.  His favorite past time in my empty garden is playing with the dirt which takes me way back in time.  I love it and his bath times are so awesome after he has a hard day of construction outside.

When the children play outside I feel energized to join them.  I just love to see them having fun, enjoying the weather, getting some sun and enjoying nature.  This was a fun day which by the way, it was 80 degrees - just a week after a winter storm when they were out playing in the snow.  One thing we can't do around here is put away clothes for the winter or summer.

Like many of our, the time has come to start planning my garden.  This time, since the house is for sale, I have plant some hardy, mostly grown plants to give this place some curb appeal.  Don't worry, my grass isn't dead, it's dormant :-)  When it's fully away it is the best grass in the neighborhood - soft like a carpet, never dies and doesn't grow very tall even after weeks without mowing so in that respect it's less work for me so I can focus on the garden areas.

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone and don't forget to visit Susan, join us in sharing our outdoors and visit some of the other awesome sites!