Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday mornings -- ahhhhh

Something about waking early on Saturday that just rejuvenates me. I know many people who can't wait for the weekend so they can sleep in. I look forward to the weekend so they can sleep in too. That means quiet time for me. It's early morning peace!

Today I got up, made coffee, sent the hubby on the way to work (not a usual thing for a Saturday morning, he is one of those let me sleep in type of people), the kids were still asleep and the morning was all mine, at least for the next hour.

Out of my kitchen window I was able to capture the photo above. There's a certain haze over the mountains in the distance which a lot like how I feel when I first get up and before I have a chance to focus.

I did a morning prayer. Meditation, if you will, outside in the warm, humid breeze. My time to stare into this horizon was limited so I took full advantage. It was just so rejuvenating to stare into the horizon and know that I did not have to rush to go anywhere and no one was tugging at my skirt. I was able to breath for a few minutes, without concern for anyone but me. This is peace. I think I'll be more energized and relaxed by the time the kids get out of bed.

It's the beginning of a beautiful day! Enjoy it!

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