Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Monday - decorating with colors

I love to be surrounded by colors so it goes without saying that my white kitchen just wasn't going to make me happy while living in Guantanamo Bay. We are allowed to paint, however, I'd have to paint it all back to white and I'm not sure I even want to tackle that job. It's military housing - what can I say.
Notice the only color here are my little yellow flowers and better yet the sky and water I could see out of the kitchen window. Makes standing by the sink so pleasant.

So I decided I would add splashes of color here and there and everywhere. I went to celebrate a friend's birthday the other day and the came out with these really cool and colorful plates. It's like a rainbow staring back at me. I love them and want to take them with me but they wont let hoo!! I will visit the thrift store first but I think I will end up ordering a stack of colorful items to liven up my all too white kitchen.

I think my entire house will need color so I may have to rely on colorful valances and window treatments, maybe even some pillows and throws...hmmm. The wheels are spinning like you wouldn't believe!
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