Saturday, May 9, 2009

ONE special day for moms

Photo by desireux

I keep wanting to ignore this "special" day mainly because as we all know, this level of attention, affection, and appreciation should happen more than once every 364 days, don't you think?  I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Over that last few days I've evesdropped on conversations that take place at the check out counter at the grocery store and oh how much there is to tell the strangers that we meet.  Some discussed their plans to go out to brunch right after church and others discouraged that since every body and their mother (I mean that literally) had the same idea.  Others talked about how their kids are going to make them breakfast in bed and yet they criticized the partially burnt meal. (So ungrateful..geeez!) (I hope she had to get up and clean up the mess they left in the kitchen)!  One lady even complained at the kids attempt to make a her a home-made present because she had to help them with the project and clean up after they wre done" -- (I guess the bonding time you spent with your kids means nothing to you.)

I actually get a little annoyed when people ask me "so what did you get for mother's day?"  Well, let's see I have four kids and they give me all the bad mouth, attitude, slammed doors, messy rooms, whining, selfish acts of LOVE a mother could ever ask for.  Every once in a while I get hugs and kisses followed by "can you take me to the mall?" or "can I use the car?"  Why ask that question? Don't ask!  Well I know why they ask...because they want to tell you what they got for Mother's day, probably something expensive.   Well good for you, now don't forget to take it off each time you wash your hands which means you wont ever get to wear the precious jewel.  Oh darn. 

To me, everyday SHOULD be mother's day but no one ever asks what I got on the other 364 days of the year, just on this special day because apparently this is the only day we deserve to get anything.  Oh good heavens am I whining?

No.  I'm not whining, just making an observation.  But if asked what I want on Mother's day, I think I will ask for 

one respectful act
one selfless act
one I love you
one Thank You
one "how was your day mom"
 every day for 364 1/4 days.  

That's all...pretty cheap huh!!

Here's a little story with a twist written by my friend Queen B, that is a mother's day gift from me to you.  In the spirit of celebrating, I want to wish all the mommies of the world a very happy mother's day, everyday of the year.  You deserve it!