Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Monday 5/11 - Settlers of Catan

Blue Monday is here again! Hosted by Smiling Sally, you get to share your blue anyway you want it and then go visit others to see what blue they have to share.

Today I'm sharing a fun, family game.  Settlers of Catan.  Have you heard the news, have you seen it, have you played it?

Settlers of Catan is made for 3-4 players and suitable for ages 10 and up. In it, you are a colonist looking to settle the newly discovered continent of Catan. To accomplish this you build settlements which generate resources. You then use these resources to build roads, soldiers, cities, and more settlements. In the game, each settlement is worth 1 victory point, while each city is worth two (a city is an upgraded settlement). The first player to get 10 victory points is the winner.

Well, my husband has become somewhat addicted to this game, so much so, that when we are not available to play with three or more players, he will play it online with people from...well, I don't know who these people are, probably other addicted people killing time that cold be best put to use doing other things.

I am not a big board game person because I don't like conflict and fighting over fake money, just seems silly so I might as well not play.  My oldest son and husband both think it's war, for real.  This game has been a blessing because, although we have our friendly competitions, we play for fun and there are not fights.    I recommend it, loads of fun.  Learn more here and here.

The downside for us is that 2 of our kids are not 10 years old; however, we play age-appropriate board games with them earlier in the evening and then when they go to bed we play this fun game.  If you have play this version or the expansion, please tell me about it.  We are thinking about expanding and would love some reviews.

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