Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outdoor and Watery Wednesday - Watery Fun

Susan from A Southern Day Dreamer hosts outdoor Wednesday which is fantastic because it brings me back from crazy land into blog-o-land. Go visit Susan. The other posts are just amazing. Thanks Susan!!


So we finally received our orders to ship out to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Great!! There's no fun in waiting. I like having 'orders' telling me to pack my stuff and move, like NOW! OK so maybe not now but in 8-10 weeks. Sure, because government offices are that efficient right. Not trying to insult anyone out there who might be a government employee doing a great job. There are quite a few of you who do and I, for one, am thankful for your service.

My beef is with the others who feel I owe them and should be blessed that they are even helping me. Just tell me what you need from me so we can move along and I will do it. It's pretty simple. No. We will wait until you have been in our waiting room with your screaming kid running up and down the corridor before we tell you that you are either in the wrong room or have the wrong information or are missing a piece of vital importance. We like it like that!!

Well that was me venting briefly because since we got our orders and realized we need to sell our house, be screened for overseas travel with the military, transfer school records and get new government issued passports, I have been stressing...that is until I realized, again, that there is no point in stressing over the things I can't control so I will put my focus on what I can do and you know what, things are improving. Amazing what a little attitude adjustment can do for you.

So now I will ask lots of questions and get all my ducks in a row before going to see any government agent. Even if they think I'm an idiot for asking "dumb" questions. In my recent experience, there are no dumb questions. I will follow instruction, be patient, exercise, eat well, rest and most important.... here, this is most important:

We will have a great summer.....we will get soakin' wet.... we will live and be happy.
We will smile, laugh, enjoy life and leave stress out of the picture.

In the end, Daddy has to leave by end of September, the rest of us can join him as soon as our paperwork is completed. No Big Deal!!

Have a fantastic Summer everyone, and thanks for visiting my blog.

PS: I have an awesome recipe and wine combo coming on Friday for Foodie Friday so come again soon.

I realized this fits right in with Watery Wednesday. Great blog and great watery posts there as well. Go check them out.


  1. Oh Honey, you are so right, as it will all work out in the right time, and in the right manner. Don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy life today because it is to short and we cannot worry about tomorrow until it get here. Love those babies and hang on to them if Dad has to go ahead of you. There is a reason for everything. Looks like you got the picture by enjoying the water park. What fun? Have a wonderful blessed day and stop by and say hi. Country Hugs honey, Sherry

  2. Such fun and a nice watery outdoor!

  3. Stay positive!
    Look at those beautiful kids having a grand old time getting wet. Wahoo!!!

  4. That was a lovely scene of your children splashing in the water.

  5. thank you for the words of encouragement.

  6. Hello Yira, thank you for your visit today. I love your watery photos. How cute the children are. Children love water that's for sure.


  7. Somehow things always work out, hang in there! Your kids are beautiful and look like they are having a blast!

  8. I'll reply here just incase you dont see it on my blog!
    I flew to Holguin and stayed in Guardalavaca. A very pleasant resort, it is not very touristy which I loved in fact. Our hotel was a little bit secluded. It was on the Playa Esmeralda beach which was GORGEOUS! It was HOT, but there is a breeze which makes it bearable.
    Cuba is truly beautiful with amazing culture - the people there are incredibly friendly and hard working. It makes you appreciate your life, seeing how hard some people get it but are still some of the kindest, friendliest people you will ever meet!
    Hope it all goes well for you xx