Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's happening here?

I woke up this morning thinking I had to be somewhere or I had to wake someone up or something, I don't know, very strange. It must be the stress of the week. It seems I have so many thing scheduled that I'm afraid I'll forget something.

Some updates on what's happening now:

We are definitely moving to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by end of September. For anyone curious, this means I'll be posting a lot of pictures about our new home. Should be interesting.


U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Our house is still on the market, had a few close calls with contracts but nothing we could live with so we'll try again, hopefully soon.


My son is really leaving...oh my GOD I though I was ready for this. We drop him off next week at his new school where he will begin a new stage in life. He is so talented, loves music and makes the best cinnamon rolls, I told him he needs to teach his sister his skills in the kitchen. It's so much fun having someone around who WANTS to try a new recipe with me or cook something completely different. I will miss that about him.

My teen daughter is finally OK with moving to Cuba. She actually wants to and can't wait. Something clicked and she's now ready. Thank you LORD!! She has returned to her old self of constantly switching between making us laugh and being mad at something that didn't go her way.

us being silly :-)

School is back in session....well not yet but real soon they will be back in school here in the states but only for a few weeks then we move. Go figure!

Enjoy the Summer because it's going by quickly!

Then it will be me and my little man again - my little sweetie.

Dad will be on a 30 day leave prior to moving so I have a feeling he'll want to do something fun, like fishing. I don't personally enjoy fishing but I guess I could do that for him, maybe this once.

Finally, I have spent countless hours just getting ready for the move, so much paperwork, little details, it's just a jungle but today I plan to take some time to just not thing about any of this and have some fun with my friends.

It's party time!