Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time to weed and play in the garden

Well, I finally decided it was time to clean out the garden. After the rain we had, the weeds took over and my garden went from looking like a "little patch of heaven" to an abandoned garden with overgrown weeds, half eaten vegetable plants and some other goodies growing along the way. I figure the healthy weeds were taking all the nutrients from what little is left for me to enjoy so it was time for them to go.

I worked tirelessly for over 2 hours pulling weeds, grass that was attempting to find a new home by sneaking its way into the garden, excess branches from tress not in my yard, etc. I initially wanted to go to the gym this particular morning but I think after all this work in the yard, I'm done exercising for the weekend. This was hard work I tell ya!!

In the mean time, my daughter cut the grass and the two little ones attempted to help me with my weeding issues. It was sort of fun and educational for them, above all, it was a great workout for everyone. Taking a lemonade break in the afternoon was well deserved and truly enjoyable after all that work.

Now my garden is clean, well almost, the tomatoes have been fed, the grapes and herbs are doing well and untouched by the critters. The watermelon vines are still struggling but there are some buds in the making.

It is such an adventure and a learning experience for the kids when we get outside, even though we all had to work hard for a little while, it is much more fun to enjoy our back yard when we do the work ourselves.

I am now working on making some dishes with tomato because I have more than I can eat-- yellow pear, orange, yellow and regular red tomatoes. I think I will attempt to make salsa tomorrow. I just need a good recipe to follow and I should be OK.

Photo Credit: The Great Beast

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  1. Hope you find that good recipe for salsa. I'm looking for an eggplant recipe. So far I've got one from Egypt!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Give me a Shout if interested in exchanging links.