Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gardening for the rabbits...grrr

I was eagerly awaiting for my zucchini to finally reach the point of harvest, which wasn't too far away. Along with that I have a few plants filled with tomatoes promising to ripen any day now, green beans with little sprouts, corn with a least one ear and bunches of grapes. I go out every day to check on the fruits of my labor and proudly sit out and check email, drink coffee or tea and take in the early morning peace. We had 100 degree weather recently, which worried me, but then it started raining or storming and I was OK with that.

Today there we had a break from the rain and the wind felt nice, the rain had stopped and it just felt like a good time to go out and see what was waiting to be picked. Much to my surprise I found that the bunny rabbits or some other vegetarian critter from around the neighborhood had a party in my garden. I felt sick to my stomach, literally. I mean, I wanted to cry, then I wanted rip every plant out of the garden and throw it in the trash. Yes, every zucchini and the flowers that come before them--all gone.

What was I thinking? Why didn't I protect my hard work. You have to understand, I don't have a green thumb, well, it's a little green, I got this far, didn't I? I took a few minutes to just assess the situation and realized that this was no one's fault but my own and ripping out my garden was not going to help anyone. I chose to spend a few hours putting up sticks and mini fences around my plant and I added a black netting that is supposed to protect plants. I also put my chime and some other noise-making items back there.

I don't ask for much, just one harvest, only one or two plants, they can have the rest. I am thankful that the tomatoes have not been touched....yet! The grapes need to be protected from the birds and all the other plants need protection from the critters. Maybe my cat needs to sleep in the yard more often. She seems to like catching moles and bringing them back as a gift to me--how sweet--gross!!

I hope my efforts worked. I'm over it, now I know better and next time I'll protect my plants before the rabbits decided to go to the market. Maybe next year I will just grow some flowers and keep the tomatoes in a pot near the house.

Photo credity: Baby Rabbti by foshie

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  1. Oh, how frustrating! I am all about my garden, and this is only our second year ever vegetable gardening. We haven't got rabbits, but we have SLUGS. And they can overcome anything we put in their way, apparently. No slug trap is enough for them. Yuk.

    I read that hanging CDs up in trees or wherever can scare away birds = they don't like the moving shiny thing and they stay clear.