Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Severe weather system delivers nothing but electrick shock

So the winter days have finally reached the Virginia Peninsula and apparently we are not fully prepared for this type of weather.  First, the kids had a "snow day" yesterday because we were having a severe weather system.  The system never arrived...we had no snow, not even a little rain.  It was cold but there was no precipitation what so ever.  So I had four kids in the house for the fourth day in a row.  They were bored and actually wanted to be in school instead.  Imagine that.  

The second issue I have with our new weather system is the electricity in the air.  I really detest getting shocked and it happens everyday, in the house, in the car, when I pick up my laptop, when I touch someone...ugh!  It is so frustrating to get shocked, but even worse to get shocked over and over again by the same object.  

I have a conversion van.  Yes I know, a gas guzzler but we are a family of six and the thing is paid off and it's gone this summer--yeepee!.  Anyway, when I arrive at my destination I just get up and walk to the back to unbuckle the baby and gather our things.  I get my first shock when I turn the car off, then when I put my keys in my pocket, then when I touch the seat on the way back, then again when I touch the seat belt buckle in the car seat, again when I open the car door and finally, when I close the door.

I think if my car was alive it would be rolling on the street laughing at my reactions every time it delivered it's shock of electricity into my body.  I don't hear anyone else in my family complaining about getting shocked so I have to wonder if it's just me.  What is it about me? Why am I getting the shocked treatment?

I'm asking for your help here.  Are there gloves, tools, a gadget, something I can use, wear, or carry?  I would love to hear your advice, support, ideas.  If nothing else, tell me I'm not the only one being slowly electrocuted by her vehicle and home.

Oh and that picture, yeah, that is what I or we were hoping for.  Oh well.  Did I mention how much I love to feel the cold air on my face?  It's energizing and refreshing for a chance :-)

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