Friday, January 9, 2009

Focus on One Word, what will it be?

I've been following Lance's latest post on  where he was inspired by singer/song writer/blogger Christine Kane to come up with one word that would be the main focus for this year.  I was inspired and encouraged by Lance to do the same.  Lance's word is COURAGE and what an awesome word that is.  Something we all need to have just to live and deal with all the challenges that come our way.

While trying to find my word I read all about the other people who chose a word and the reasons why they chose their word.  I spent some time trying to figure out what was that word going to be for me?  What did I need most in my life? What was going to help me make it through yet another year with love, laughter, and without paying much regard to the many stressors in my life, or at least dealing with those stressors in a way that would benefit me and my family.

My word is SERENITY.  This word means the absence of mental stress or anciety; peace of mind, repose, hearts at ease. 

In my chaotic life in the military, preparing for a move to...hmmm.. I don't know where we're going yet, raising four kids one of whom is going to college this year, another is coping with being a female teen and middle child while the younger sibblings take up much of my time...I was going somewhere with all this....oh yes, with all that I have going in my life SERENITY is the one word that will help me define my day so that I do find that peace and the quiet time I need to recover and to re-energize so that I can give my family and myself the attention we need.

Like Lance, I encourage you to do the same.  Ms. Kane has a long list of words to consider or come up with your own.  What word will define your year?


  1. Thank you Lance, for inspiring everyone to look within themselves for something to focus on this year.

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  2. Serenity is a wonderful word. Something everyone strives for, yet seems to be so... evasive at times. I hope you can find yours, and keep hold of it. Many times it's just a frame of mind, or a little acceptance that will do the trick.

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