Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue Monday - Our new pool

This past week I will admit to feeling like we should have bought the house with the pool.  I still think about that house and how awesome it would be to have a pool where the kids can go cool off and fun.  But we did not choose that house because we realize the costs of maintaining a pool year-round to use it only 3 months out of the year. 

Usually we go to community pools, the Army Base pool, and sometimes they go to the Recreation Center pool which is indoors.  But it would be nice to just step outside and be within a few feet from the pool.

So we bought a pool.  Ok so it's only a foot of water but we have A LOT of fun in this tiny body of water.

... and while it may not be a big, permanent pool with all the bells and whistles, the kids and the dog seem to really enjoy filling water balloons, blowing water shooters, and spraying each other with the water toys.  After all the fun in the water they use whatever is left in the pool to water the plants in the garden and in the house.

Good times!


Sharing with Smiling Sally and my friends from Blue Monday.