Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue Monday: Look Closely

We have been working on our deck for a month now because the only time we could do any work is when he's not working and when it's not raining, sometimes the two don't coincide but finally we are done, except for staining.  The orange, better known as "Cedar" color you see here is not at all what we wanted but I'm going to make it work...the stuff is way to expensive.  I think it sets up a nice contrast against the freshly painted patio chairs.

Look closely and what do you see... little glass of wine waiting for me :-)

Of course, there are some finishing touches I'm still working on. Chimes, some potted plants and an umbrella to protect from too much sun or rain. I plan on using this outdoor space as much as I possibly can. It's my favorite place to read and relax.

Enjoy your week everyone!


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  1. Love this blue, Terie.

    Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday.

  2. You are doing a very nice job on your blues in the garden.

  3. Oh to have lovely patio furniture...but first we need a patio or deck. Love that blue!

  4. Talk about (no) powers of observation -- I didn't see the wine glass until you pointed it out! Cute hummingbird and sunflower too!

  5. Pretty blues. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  6. I know just what you mean about being outdoors and using the area to relax and have plenty of pretty, colorful things!!

  7. That shade is so pretty on your chairs.