Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue Monday- The National Building Museum, DC

This is the National Building Museum in Washington DC.  The building itself is pretty impressive, with columns four stories high or more inside the expansive foyer.  The rooms where located around this courtyard suited with a water fountain, information booths and other hands-on activities for people young and ... ahem, mature :-)

We went right for the kids play areas.  One had a mini play house with a kitchen, living room furniture, lights, doors and windows. Very cute.  In this room we also played in the sand pitt, large leggo blocks, and large foam building blocks in many shapes and sizes. This was the 3-5 year old room.

Then we went to another room where the building blocks were as big as the kids and the room was large and filled from end to end with building toys.  This little guy had a great time pretending to be a part of what seemed like a Tetris game.  She built a structure out of these large foamy blocks and let her imagination go wild.  


I guess time to rest came for him and he find the right place to put his feet up.  The kids had a great time at the museum.  I think it's a place we just might visit again.  There was more to see and do but between these two rooms, they were done for the day.

I started writing this on Sunday evening.... this is what happens when the kids go wild! 

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Hi Terie,

    So sorry you missed Blue Monday. See you next week, from midnight EST throughout the day.