Thursday, January 24, 2013


Snow Day!!!! Finally!

OK these are not the best pictures but I am a little excited to see something different outside...something other than bare trees and gray skies and no sun. UGH!!! It has been so sad lately.  I am already having issues adjusting to the cold weather after my three years of Caribbean fun in the sun and salty air.  We have salt here alright but it's not the kind that comes from being in a salty beach, instead it's the kind you spread on the driveway to keep from falling on your bee-hind!

So with this little bit of snow, I think they said one inch, comes school delays.  School delays are fun for the kids, especially on snow day.  Hopefully, they'll have a chance to play a little before going to school this morning.  I'm ready with some play clothes and warmed up dry clothes for the quick change over.

Side note... I am terribly saddened to hear of the people who do not have a warm place to go to on days like these.  I've complained quite a bit this week about being cold, mostly because I'm having adjustment issues, not because I don't have a warm place to be.  I take it all back. It was just me venting and sometimes it's good to do that right?! 

Anyway, I pray that shelters, warming centers and neighbors help those in need.  Let's help each other with hot cup of coffee, a simple hello, a warm embrace.  Look out for your neighbors, friends and family members. Sometimes people don't ask for help because of fear or shame. Sometimes we just have to be vigilant and help each other out in times of need.

Many blessings to everyone. Stay warm, stay safe!!


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  1. Terie
    lindo seu post
    temos que ajudar quem precisa!
    Aqui em R.Janeiro muito quente!
    linda foto da neve