Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finding my inner light

I have been looking for inspiration to write in all the wrong places.

A couple of years ago I started writing in this blog and a few others. Reading what others had to say and what was written in books and magazines.

I enjoy reading and writing.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and maybe, just maybe, helping someone else see their inner light.

Most times, someone would stop by my blog and leave a note which sparked more light in me.  So what happened? I moved to Cuba and suddenly I don't feel a thing?  I really don't know.

I often go through the day with a million and one ideas and thoughts and stories to tell.  But then life happens and time slips by and before you know I have too much to tell and no time to write or think or process what I want to say.

Fortunately, I'm still on a quest to be happy every day.  I still manage to laugh at ME and sometimes at others.  Everyday when the sun goes down I watch it slowly hide behind the mountains and I realize that I am blessed.  The same thing happens when the sun comes up, when the moon is right overhead, when the waves wash my feet, when I spot a hummingbird or a butterfly, you get the idea.

As for finding my inner light, just today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Jungle of Life, and was once again reminded of three very important things in the post New Rules for Life -Thanks Lance!

Reclaim your life.
Create your own rules.
Don't let this amazing human experience slip away…
Reclaiming my life.  Not letting chores keep me from doing what I love to do and being who I want to be.
Creating my rules. Definitely... working on this!
This amazing human experience? Living it one moment at a time.
Now you should go do the same.

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  1. Terie,
    Guess what??? I laugh at ME, also!!!

    And...being in that space of happiness...whatever that means for each of us...that's a really wonderful place to "be". So, Terie, know that it's good to be here today and soak up your wonderful words...and it's also just really good to know that you've found happiness - some through writing, and a whole bunch through living out your days (and being there with your family...).

    Big, big hugs...