Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday- Honey our new Lab

I'm excited to show off our new 3 year old Yellow Lab "Honey."
She is a great dog, obedient, playfull and loves to run and get wet!
We're excited to have her.

Hopefully soon I'll start gardening and will be able to show off all the pretty things I hope to grow here in Guantanamo. I will have to develop a really green thumb somehow but I need to see more green and more colors in my yard soon :-)

Enjoy your day everyone!

Please visit Susan at A Southernday Dreamer where I'm sure you'll find some really great outdoor photos.
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  1. Labs are great dogs. I just love them, your reminds me of my old lab "Sunshine". She was the best dog.

  2. Our black lab is now 13 years old. Her muzzle is so gray and she has gray all over her feet.
    She is the most wonderful, smart, loving dog. You will be thrilled with your girl.
    Oh the swimming is the highlight of their lives.