Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whose up at 4 am?

This semester I "chose" to take three classes, all online and two of them electives.  Easy stuff right? Wrong!  It's only easy if the times you choose to study are there for you, uninterrupted.  But I have only two semesters to get my degree and I'm going do this even if it means readjusting my sleep schedule. SLEEP? Ha!

Every morning I get up before the kids so I have time to make some coffee and study.  I am my best early and must take advantage of what little brain energy I can get.  When I get up the plan is to log on to my classrooms to post assignments, read, respond, work on essays, catch up on reading assignments, etc.  However, it seems my time gets crunched or something happens or a kid wakes up earlier then they should and then there goes the day.  So last week I decided to go to sleep a little earlier, get up earlier and get some real work done.  Here's how it went:

*got up at 4 am- yes, I said Four AM!
*started the coffee pot
*turned on the laptop
*set myself up at the kitchen table
*grabed my hot coffee which I turned into a Cafe con Leche (Latte)
*sat down, logged in and by 4:30 am I was rearring to go

Within 10 minutes of focus and concentration I was dealing with this

He never wakes up this early....NEVER!

....or this cranky...Maybe it's a growth spurt

Apparently, nothing a little food can't fix.  So I gave him Sweet Darling Clementines....

and that made him smile (my heart melts for that smile)

throw a banana in the mix and you get...

.... happy little man ready to take on the day, even if he started his day cranky, apparently hungry and  very, very early.

I didn't get much work done but I did get lots of love, wet kisses, quality time with baby.  He's such a sweetie! 

A little patience and a lot of love went into this morning, it all works out in the end.


  1. It's never to early in the morning to get wet baby kisses!

    You make me tired, take a gosh darn break already! :)

  2. Mrs. X-- I did have a chance to rest after all. He and I fell asleep together on the couch and it was so sweet and so nice - reminded me of when he was just a tiny infant. They grow so fast :(

  3. Hey Terie, good luck with your new schedule and the courses. Great photos!!
    He's a cutie. Thanks for dropping by and your comments. I've been away, but back now.

  4. You haven't posted in FOREVER! You must be SO busy! I hope things are running smoothly for you. :)

  5. Mrs. X I have been swamped and everyday I think of things I want to chatter about yet never seem to find the time to hop in here and just chat. I even took pictures of things I want to talk about. I want my blog time back...wah!! That's me whining :)

    Thanks for checking on me.